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23 October 2006 @ 03:45 am
ed inspired me to write on lj  
Man, all I have been doing the past two weeks is plotting. Plotting what i'll do after med school, plotting how to get out of med school, plotting what to do after med school. plotplotplot.

What the fuck do I do if I DO drop out? I can still make a fair amount working, enough for rent/bills, maybe food too with just the job I have now. And then I'd have time to work at the wooden shoe and help out at both FnB's, all of which I don't do right now, but would rather do than learn about medicine. Not that I can't take medicine anymore, just that I can't keep doing the work like this.

the thing about plotting is that as soon as you set your mind to dropping out or something like that, you stop taking the work seriously.

I need to winterize my bike soon, which I think means getting a cheap mountain bike and getting fenders for it to keep the slush off my legs/back.

I'm almost back to normal after getting hit by that car, my ribs are still sore, but that's about it.
ededsmells on October 23rd, 2006 04:00 am (UTC)
i miss you.

i wish i could winterize my bike. unfortunately, my bike is definitely a summer bike. oh well, there's nowhere to ride in the winter anyway here.
or maybe i should also get a winter bike. hmm... maybe.

also, i've been thinking about getting my nursing ba and then going to medical school. it's not a real plan, but more of a far-off dream. so yeah. that'd be weird.