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22 September 2006 @ 12:56 pm
So I got hit by this car...  
I was late as usual biking to school today, but biking nonetheless, which makes me happy all the time. But the streets are all torn up and geting 'fixed' (however, there were still cars on them, so they still need more fixing), so I was riding on the sidewalk. Anyway, I don't remember what happened next, you don't really remember things like getting hit by a car, but flying through the air I remember calming saying 'fuck.'

I jump right up and try to walk it off, the wind is totally knocked out of me. Somehow my bike is still ok. There is damage to the car, but she said it was there before. I was about to ride off when someone told me to change info with her. I should call her and tell her that I'm ok.

So I keep riding to school, put my stuff in a locker, text message janet "Got hit by car, will be across the street today." (at the hospital) And walk into the ER. After getting the run around, I walk up to the desk and say "I just got hit by a car, CAN I SEE A DOCTOR." Janet has freaked out and ran over to find me, which she does right before i go to the part where she isn't allowed in. Then they walked me in and I found out that I have no broken ribs, and no broken lungs/spleen. So they basically give me some ibuprofin and tell me to go get some rest. My knee hurts too, but lying in a hospital bed, you don't notice that.

The today show is worse that I imagined.

Then I biked home and watched We Inturrupt This Empire (which you can download from archive.org).

Anyway, then I told
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