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06 July 2006 @ 01:01 am
So today I fixed my bike up. I put in new brake pads and replaced the tire and innertube. I have this feeling that the front tire has a leak already, but we'll see when I get back. It's actually pretty basic stuff, but I probably screwed up and poked a hole in something. Oh well, at least my curry kicked ass today. Oh wait, no, it was too salty and too spicy for my family.

On the upside, I say a guy with a mullet down to his waist. He was wearing one of those shirts with the wolf on the front with lightening behind it. Just think hick-shirt if you don't know what I mean. My firends and I in high school used to play the mullet game when we'd go to the fairs around out county. Mullets and various forms of confederate flags were the points, with the confederate flag belt buckle scoring the most.
I leave for Tacoma tommorow, awesomeness includes: building a sea kayak, doing a short trip in said kayak, backpacking, hanging out with nate, going to san francisco for a week or two. Any advice on the last one? Places/people I should see? I will be poorer than emily after this trip.
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